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“SGCC Hope Bar” Launches the “Summer Holiday Classroom for the Dream”

Publication Date:2014-07-17

    At 15:30 on July 6, the class bell ringed at the “SGCC Hope Bar” classroom on the second floor of Jinhu Xiyuan Community in Huai’an City of Jiangsu Province, marking that “SGCC Hope Bar” 2014 Summer Holiday Classroom for the Dream officially kicked off.

    Jointly sponsored by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Youth Daily, “SGCC Hope Bar” 2014 Summer Holiday Classroom for the Dream is a platform at which left-behind children and migrant workers’ children spend the summer holiday and develop activities. Meanwhile, “Hope Bar” will be set up in the community and volunteers will be recruited to aid the education and assist the children in spending the safety and happy summer holiday.

    Since the first “SGCC Hope Bar” was founded and licensed at Ninghong Experimental Primary School in Hongyao Township, Lianshui County of Jiangsu Province on August 14, 2012, SGCC has made donations of RMB 3 million in total and established 100 “SGCC Hope Bars” by two phases, which basically covered all districts and counties of Jiangsu Province. This year, SGCC made another investment of RMB 1 million, donating additional operation maintenance fee of RMB 10,000 to every SGCC Hope Bar. This time, the Summer Holiday Classroom for the Dream totally recruited 50 college students and junior journalists and singled out 20 “SGCC Hope Bars” in the province to organize the event. And the left eighty “2014 Summer Holiday Classrooms for the Dream” were opened simultaneously.