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Innovating Channels: For the Staffs’ Demands

Publication Date:2014-10-03

    At the beginning of this year, the survey results show that some staff had low degree of satisfaction. That aroused much attention of the Company’s Party Leadership Group, who convened the talkfest themed on “Jointly Plan for the Power Grid’s Development and Create Harmonious Enterprise” in different branches, in order to hear complaints from staff face to face. At the talkfest, the Party Leadership Group collected and consolidated staff’ s opinions to locate problems. After that, the Company organized the event “United for Seeking Development and Cooperation for Achieving Success” to solicit opinions and suggestions. Also, a “Love and Peace” campaign was launched pertinently. Meanwhile, the Electric Power Trade Union of Fujian Province opened the membership telephone and staff deputy mailbox.

    Working competition assists staff in achieving success at their posts: the Company endeavors to set up a new platform for staff to grow into talents, and promote staff to grow with dedicated spirit and achieve success during the business development. In 2006, the Company organized the first Merit Competition and Skill Contest Mobilization Meeting, and sponsored five merit competitions like electric charge management, ongoing key projects, enterprises free from violation of regulations, and reasonable suggestions, etc. Aside from that, the Company held 18 company-level skill contest events, including 500kV substation running, 220kV substation running, substation running, power dispatch running, and relay protection, etc. All told, more than 70 grass-roots skill contests of various types were organized, and about 11,000 staff took part in trainings of different sorts. In 2005, 115 technicians of the Company were conferred upon the senior technician certificate, and 30 staff of the Company were honored “Skilled Technicians of Fujian Province”. In 2006, 4 staff of the Company were crowned “National Skilled Technicians”. In addition, the Company’s staffs won two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal at the 16th National Invention Exhibition.