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Incentive Mechanism: Win over Staffs

Publication Date:2014-08-26

    This year, State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. took into account the provincial-level department’s strategic goal, grid construction planning, and existing human resources to combine organically the position-point salary with job category system, and establish a floating mechanism in which the position-point salary is linked with improvement of the staffs’ performance and capacity, with a view to giving full play to the position-point salary’s incentive role. In addition to that, the Company has formulated the Administrative Measure of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. for Staffs’ Career Development Channels like Management, Technology, Skill, and Model Worker to broaden the staffs’ career development channel, guide staffs to grow into talents through different channels, establish the capacity and performance-oriented career development and promotion mechanism, and guide and inspire staffs to grow into talents through a variety of channels while keeping a foothold at the post. 

    So far, the Company’s high-skill talents have made up 78% of its skilled staffs at the front line, with senior technicians accounting for 6.2% of its staff size. Among other things, 181 staffs were honored various types of titles, such as “Pacesetter and Reserve in Professional Technology”, “Pacesetter and Reserve in Occupational Skill”, “High-level Operator”, “Senior Operator”, and “Pacesetter in Professional Courses”, etc.

    Strengthen the incentive to excellent employees and rural electricians: the Company has established the career development path and broadband pay mechanism, and involved them into its “513” talents selection and employment scope. Also, it has set up an incentive mechanism to promote excellent employees and rural electricians to formal staffs. This year, the Company broke the rule to advance an excellent employee Chen Zhongsheng, reputed as “Five-star Volunteer of China”, to its formal staff. In addition, the Company increased the wages for 26 employees who performed excellently in professional competence. After that, the Company called on all staffs to learn from the model workers. Recently, the Company was crowned “Home of Model Staffs” by the Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions.