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“Energizing Every Household Project” Lights up the Tibetan People’s New Life

Publication Date:2012-12-20

    Tibet nearly had no power generating capacity before the peaceful liberation. So far, electric power has been supplied to nearly every corner of Tibet thanks to implementation of the “Energizing Every Household Project”.

    Adjacent to the border between China and India, Gongguo Village in Longzi County of Shannan Prefecture depended on solar energy PV panel for the power generation before. Since the “Energizing Every Household Project” was put in place in 2008, a small-scale hydropower station was erected near the village. In recent days, construction workers embarked on connecting the electric wire from door to door.

    It is difficult to erect power transmission line on the “Sky Road”. The highest construction point is nearly 6000 meters above the sea level, so construction workers have to depend on manpower and horse to carry the electric poles and wires.

    “How difficult it is when the construction workers carry the electric pole weighing 1200kilograms to the mountain top!”

    “How many poles have you carried for the Jiayu Township?

    “562 poles in total.”

    Not only does the “Energizing Every Household Project” bring farmers and herdsmen the light, but also leads them to a wealthy life. Gulu Township of Naqu County, which is more than 4700 meters above the sea level, is reputed as the “Hometown of Yoghourt”. Previously, villagers had to produce and sell the yoghourt on their own. In 2009 when the “Energizing Every Household Project” covered the Gulu Township, villagers built a modernized processing factory very soon. Accordingly, villagers shook off the poverty by selling the yoghourt.