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Light up Remote Mountain Areas

Publication Date:2013-02-04

    Yunnan is a vast but remote and underdeveloped region that integrates four factors, namely, frontier, national minority, mountainous area, and poverty. In Yunnan Province, mountainous and semi-mountainous area make up 94% of the total area, villages of ethnic groups are scattered, and power infrastructure is weak, making Yunnan become the province that has the largest population without electricity and the highest difficulty in electric power supply amongst the five provinces in the south of China. By last year, Yunnan was still one of the six provinces that had yet to complete the “Energizing Every Household” project.

    In recent years, CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Yunnan Provincial Government always took the protection of the people’s livelihood as the priority amongst priorities. Since 1998, Yunnan Province, under the strong support of State Grid, kept on pressing ahead with the power project construction in the countryside. Meanwhile, relevant departments at the provincial level and local departments of different levels worked closely with power supply enterprises and made endeavors to overcome a series of hard nuts like poor natural condition, high construction difficulty, and arduous construction mission, etc. Thanks to more than 10 years of unceasing endeavors, State Grid (CSG) enlarged its investment in construction and reconstruction of rural grid and made a total investment of RMB 132.4 billion. It is roughly estimated that CSG newly built and reconstructed lines of 530,000 kilometers, equivalent to the length of 13 terrestrial equators, and helped resolve the power supply problem for 4.70 million persons or 1.2 million households without electricity. Particularly since 2006, CSG enlarged its investment and resolved the power supply problem for 358,000 households without electricity.

    During the 11th Five-year Plan, State Grid invested RMB 13.763 billion in carrying out rural grid reconstruction and electric construction. Within the power supply area, State Grid made administrative villages’ energizing rate hit 100%, and resolved the power supply problem for 276,800 persons without electricity. Each year, it alleviated electric burden on farmers by more than RMB 1 billion. As at the end of 2011, State Grid had made a total investment of RMB 3.458 billion and completed project construction of 9 lots. As a result, it supplied power to 319,300 households of farmers without electricity, advancing the province’s energizing rate to 99.2%. In 2011, CSR Yunnan achieved the goal of energizing every administrative village.


    Since last year, State Grid, CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, and Yunnan Provincial Government involved the project of energizing population without electricity as the yearly priorities, and made another investment of RMB 1.958 billion. Also, they put forward the goal of energizing every household of Yunnan Province in the current year. By taking this project as its important political mission, State Grid pooled all of the company’s resources to build the ethical governance project and people-oriented project, which helped resolve the power supply problem for 81,787 households without electricity or 360,000 farmers without electricity. On the average, the investment in every household exceeded RMB 20,000. CPC Yunnan successfully completed the goal that was put forward by Yunnan Province in the “Energizing Every Household” project.