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SGCC Sponsors Male Symphony Orchestra

Publication Date:2013-07-25

    On July 17, a concert for the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between China and Brazil was held in Brasilia. At the concert, Chinese and Brazilian musicians demonstrated their talents at the stage and shared both countries’ gorgeous cultures. Male Orchestra is a social public welfare program sponsored by SGCC.

    In late 2010, SGCC purchased Brazil’s seven major franchised power transmission projects and founded State Grid Brazil Holding Ltd.. So far, State Grid Brazil Holding Ltd. has developed into one of the largest energy companies in Brazil.

    SGCC is active in sponsoring China-Brazil economic, cultural, and sports exchange and impoverished adolescent education programs, and it provides free music trainings for those children and teenagers from the Male Slum of Rio de Janeiro, in order to cultivate their music skills and tap professional music talents. Also, SGCC, by formulating the “Preferential Tax” policy, sponsored 10 schools of Rio de Janeiro to promote the table tennis project, funded Brazil Table Tennis Alliance to host 2013 Brazil Table Tennis Open, and assisted in selecting and training local excellent table tennis athletes. Aside from that, it made donations to Bahia-based schools to set up Electric Power Studios. In 2013, 45 students were trained in total.

    In August, 2012, State Grid Brazil Holding Ltd. was honored “The Best Company of 2012 in Brazil Electric Power Industry”.