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SGCC Presses Ahead with “Lighting up Tibetan Region” Plan

Publication Date:2013-03-08


    Since 2008, SGCC boosted implementation of Sichuan’s “Enriching the People and Bringing Happiness and Health” program with electric power, and strongly pressed ahead with “Lighting up Tibetan Region” plan, during which it extended the power supply through power grid and resolved the power supply problem for 5,317 households without electricity in Tibetan migrant relocation areas and herdsmen settlement areas. As for those places that are inaccessible to the power grid, SGCC mounted solar PV generation unit to supply power to 4292 households of farmers and herdsmen without electricity in remote mountain areas. During the 11th Five-year Plan, SGCC made total investment of RMB 7.33 billion in Sichuan Tibetan region and completed construction of a great many projects like Kangding, Jiulong, and Maoxian 500KV power transmission and transformation projects, which strongly supported Tibetan region’s economic development and social harmony and stability.

    During the 12th Five-year Plan, SGCC plans to make another investment of RMB 19.25 billion in Sichuan Tibetan region for construction of five major 500km hydroelectricity delivery lines. As on November 4 of this year, SGCC had launched 152 grid construction projects for the 12th Five-year Plan in Sichuan Tibetan region, leading to theoretical increase of the power transformation capacity by 13.76 million KVA and theoretical increase of power transmission line length by 7,216 km. By launching the said projects, SGCC is in an effort to shatter six bottlenecks (e.g., hydroelectricity delivery, isolated grid running, users without electricity, weak power supply facilities, Shiqu Grid’s connection with main grid, and power supply for Shangri-la Tourist Resort) that hinder the Tibetan region’s grid development, further reinforce the grid structure, and improve the power supply capacity and reliability. After being completed, the projects will help refine Sichuan Tibetan region’s main power grid structure, and realize the grid connection between counties in SGCC’s responsible region. By 2015, SGCC will complete the “Energizing Every Household” project in the new farmers and herdsmen concentrated areas.