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SGCC Promotes “Lighting up the Dream of Schooling” Project

Publication Date:2014-08-05

    “Home address and family information…”

    On July 16, volunteers of SGCC “Sunshine Love Education Aid Team” were earnestly typesetting the information of impoverished students, which was collected from Xintian Garden Community of Beibei District Beiwenquan Sub-district Office, into the computer archive, so as to help impoverished children realize their dream of schooling.

    The “Lighting up the Dream of Schooling” public welfare program was sponsored by SGCC in May of this year. In this program, SGCC aims to assist impoverished students in completing their dream of schooling.

    Over the past 8 years since the founding of the team, team members increased from 6 to 63 and collected charity funds of RMB 241,000. So far, the team has sponsored 42 impoverished students, 32 of which have completed their schooling.

    To expand the size of the “Sunshine Love Team”, SGCC screened out 15 grassroots departments and set up the “Sunshine Love Education Aid Team”, which is dedicated to assisting more children in realizing their dream of schooling, in response to its slogan “SGCC, together with you”. “Lighting up the Dream of Schooling” public welfare program calls on every person to donate one Yuan per day to assist impoverished students in daily life and schooling.

    The 15 grassroots departments will open a special account for the love public welfare program, as well as designate special personnel to manage the charitable donations and duly make public the receipts and expenditures of the account to ensure fair disbursement of the public welfare fund.

    Since implementation of the program, departments of SGCC have acquired information of impoverished students from a variety of channels, and surveyed students of 46 person-times. In the next half year, they will sponsor 20 students who are excellent in character and learning.