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Happiness Warms Thousands of Households

Publication Date:2014-07-22

    Due to lack of electricity and inconvenient traffic, 36 households of Lisu natives in Alashan of Shudi Village always suffered from poverty: native girls got married in other regions and native boys met difficulty in finding the spouse, so most natives preferred being migrant workers. When the 300-year-old village was energized for the first time, every villager’s face was suffused with smile, and migrant workers came back.

    “There is a sun that will never set in Hani Village”. On August 27 last year, 11 households of Hani natives in Mopigong Natural Village of Lvchun County put into use the solar PV generating equipment that was mounted by SGCC, and the lamp lit up every household. That night, Hani natives, who used the electricity for the first time, stayed overnight with the energized energy-saving lamp, and they celebrated the sleepless night with songs and wines.

    To resolve power supply problem for those villagers without electricity, SGCC people shuttled in mountains and ridges, struggled on cliffs and precipices, and busied themselves in serving villages, in hopes of turning the dream into reality and enabling thousands of villagers in Yunnan to walk towards a bright and civilized tomorrow!