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CPC Service Team in Ya’an Earthquake

Publication Date:2013-04-25

    In the wake of outbreak of the Lushan Earthquake in Ya’an City of Sichuan Province on April 20, 2013, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) stepped forward bravely and served as the spearhead, appointing 13 service teams, 52 shock brigades, more than 2100 emergency rescue staffs, and 300-odd emergency vehicles to arrive at the disaster-stricken area in real time, regardless of a great many difficulties like no water, no electricity, no food, no communication, and impassable road. Meanwhile, the SGCC disaster relief team struggled day and night and went all out to make urgent repair, with a view to ensuring the power supply is resumed for the seriously damaged truck roads in Lushan County. Premier Li Keqiang spoke highly of the disaster relief team, saying: “you are truthful in speech and firm in action, and have performed excellently in the power restoration work during the earthquake relief!”