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Completion and Operation of Shandong Yellow River 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation EPC Project Undertaken by CET

Publication Date:2015-08-22

Shandong Yellow River 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project contracted by China Electric Power Equipment and Technical Co.,Ltd on an EPC basis was successfully energized in one go, and came into live operation with zero faults on Aug 20th. The project made use of over 30 advanced technologies and standard processes, leading the world in this respect amongst the same category of power transmission and transformation projects. The project was awarded with the mobile red banner for safety and quality amongst power transmission and transformation projects for the second time in 2014 by SGCC Corp.


After construction started in Dec 25th, 2013, the project was completed and handed over on Aug 20th, 2015. The project investment totaled 1.2 billion Yuan. During this phase of construction two 1000,000 KVA main transformers were installed and three 500KV outgoing line bays were constructed. Two 500KV outgoing line bays were also extended. 204km of 500KV transmission lines in two circuits were newly built, including a 3.782km long line crossing the Yellow River using a 137m high iron tower. The project combined HGIS and GIS equipment when to build a corresponding reactive power compensation device, communication devices and two system engineering. The 500KV smart substation has a state-of-the-art three-layer structure design, capable of meeting the equipment, configuration and functional requirements for the integrated monitoring system. When the phase of the project is completed, power supply will increase by 1,500,000KV.