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Implementation of Energy Interconnection Strategy Supported by International Business of CET

Publication Date:2016-04-11

On March 22 in Egypt, the foundation excavation of No. 56 and 57 tower footings for the Upgrading Project of the Egyptian National Grid generally contracted by CET of SGCC was commenced, marking the start of the construction of the big crossover of the Nile River.

500 kV Transmission Line Works for Upgrading Project of the Egyptian National Grid comprises four crossovers of the Nile River. Currently, the big crossover with the ongoing foundation construction refers to the 500 kV double-circuit line of Benisuef-Maghagha section installed on the same tower, which crosses the Nile River at H056 ~ H057 spans. It is the 500 kV two-circuit crossover transmission line project with four divisions in which the span of distance is the longest at about 910m. The tower is the tallest at 174.8m in total; and the tower with a single foundation weighs nearly 400 tons.

International capacity cooperation is an effective means for implementing the "Belt and Road Initiative". Currently, CET has contracted projects in nearly 10 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Central and Eastern Europe, and cooperated with countries in Southeast Asia and along the "Belt and Road Initiative" such as Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Indonesia for over 20 projects. In addition, positive progress has been made in terms of cooperation projects under the framework of the China-Pakistan and Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridors.