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Borosus-samanoud Segment of Egypt’s EETC500kV Power Transmission Project Commenced Formally

Publication Date:2016-05-17


In the morning of May 6 local time, borosus-samanoud segment of Egypt’s EETC500kV power transmission project contracted and implemented by CET commenced formally. Deputy General Manager of CET, project owner, local consulting company, design unit, construction unit and related persons in charge attended the commencement ceremony.

This project is a part of Egypt’s EETC500kV power transmission project, covering around 120 km of 500kV AC double circuit lines on the same tower, bridging borolus gas filed power plant and samanoud 500kV substation, and crossing Nile delta region. Upon completion, the project will relieve power load in the delta region and guarantee stable power supply for local economic development and residents’ living.