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CET Attended ASEAN Minister and Industry Forum

Publication Date:2016-09-29

The 34th ASEAN Energy Industry Forum was convened in Naypyidaw, capital of Myanmar during September 21-23. CET, on behalf of SGCC, participated with a booth to share the power grid construction experience and technological innovation achievements, and introduce the business results and strengths of international EPC. Vice General Manager Jiang Longhua attended the forum and gave a speech titled "The Green Future of Interconnection of Power Grid", mainly on the achievements of SGCC and the "China's Plan ".

During the forum, Pei Xintun, Director of Myanmar's Ministry of Electricity and Energy, Li Fanrong, Deputy Director of National Energy Administration, together with directors of Ministry of Electric Power of Thailand, Singapore, Laos, India and other countries, as well as experts and representatives from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN Power Cooperation Organization, etc. visited the booth, and showed strong interest in the UHV Transmission Technology, Clean Energy and Global Energy Internet of SGCC.

The theme of the forum was " Promote Clean Energy and Create Green Community", focusing on such issues as "the availability and reliability of energy", "affordable and clean energy", "coordination of ASEAN grid standards and system obstacles", "energy efficiency and energy conservation", "sustainable energy development", etc. It is aimed at promoting the development of ASEAN energy, showing energy products and services to the ASEAN members, sharing successful experience, and strengthening exchanges with partners and international organizations.

The delegation of CET also visited the Chinese embassy in Myanmar and Myanmar's Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

Myanmar is the second largest country of ASEAN, the important passage of "The Belt and Road Initiative", and also one of the important strategic oversea markets of CET. Myanmar 230 kV backbone network interconnection’s seller’s credit contract of CET which includes two new 230 kV substations and two new 230 kV transmission lines with total length about 290km came into force recently. The project is an important grid-structure project to realize Myanmar-China interconnection and an important part of Myanmar's "North-to-south Power Transmission", helping to alleviate the power supply pressure of the southern area, improve the power quality in the area along and serve the people's livelihood and economic & social development there.