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Contract Signing Ceremony of Belo Monte ±800kV UHV Converter Station Project Held in Beijing

Publication Date:2016-10-31

On October 21, the signing ceremony of the Contract for EPC Design, Construction and Equipment Procurement for Brazil Belo Monte Phase II ±800kV UHV Converter Station Project was held in Beijing. The EPC Contractor, CET, signed the contract with the agents participating in the project design, construction, equipment manufacturing, and supervision etc. respectively, signifying the beginning of all-round construction period.

The Project is the extra large-sized power transmission and distribution project of Brazil and the major project of China’s UHV power transmission technology export which has been of great concern by the governments and all walks of lives of both countries. The Project will play a positive role in boosting the China’s electrical equipment and technology export, strengthening the Sino-Brazil capacity cooperation and promoting the global energy network.

CET aims at the “security and reliability, state-of-the-art technology, environmental protection and world class” to intensify the overall-process control, improve the safety quality control and implementation level. Since the signature of the EPC Contract in December 2015, CET has submitted to the Owner the whole preliminary design report, completed the construction, complete design, and procurement for main equipment and supervision as well as relevant negotiation, and made the achievements on a stage basis which have been acknowledged and praised by the Owner and the Brazil Government.

On July 17, 2015, SGCC independently bid for the operating concessions of Brazil Belo Monte Hydropower ±800kV UHV DC Phase II, and successfully won for the 30-year operating concessions which involve the new construction of one circuit of 2158km ±800kV UHV DC transmission line, two-terminal converter station and relevant supporting projects with transmission capacity of 4 million kW. CET undertakes the construction of two converter stations under this Project in the EPC manner which will be expected to be put into operation in 2019.