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Thumb up for China! CCTV Reports the World-Class Transmission and Transformation Project CET Builds in Africa

Publication Date:2017-02-20

On March 16, CCTV's Network News Broadcast reported CET's overseas business with Ethiopian GDHA 500kV transmission and transformation project construction as the case. It showed the gratifying change the project had brought to Ethiopian local community, and the image of a responsible Chinese central enterprise.

In December 2015, the Ethiopian GDHA 500kV transmission and transformation project built by China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (CET), a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), was completed after 22 months' construction. It is large-scale transmission and transformation project with the longest power transmission line, the highest voltage class and the largest transmission capacity in East Africa. It is praised as "the Electric Power Expressway of Ethiopia".

It has attracted hundreds of personages from governmental agencies, diplomatic bodies, industrial organizations, schools, airlines and other circles of various African countries to visit the construction site since the completion of the project, and visitors highly praise the project scale and construction standard. The project has become a business card of Chinese enterprises in Africa, exerting a decisive influence on the economic and cultural exchange of Ethiopia and even the African continent.

Ethiopian GDHA 500kV transmission and transformation project includes constructing 1,275km power transmission line of double circuits on the same power, two new 500kV transformer substations and expanding three 400kV transformer substations with a transmission capacity of 6 GW. The project was constructed totally with Chinese technology, standard and equipment. It is of great significance to improving Ethiopian electric power network composition, solving the power supply shortage of the capital and surrounding areas, promoting the conversion and outbound transportation of Ethiopia's clean energy and advancing global energy internet construction.