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A New UHV Image of China in South America

Publication Date:2017-09-29
        On September 28 (local time), Brazil Belo Monte Hydropower ±800kV UHVDC Power Transmission Phase II ("Brazil Belo Monte Phase II") was launched, marking that the project officially entered into the construction stage. CET would work at the ±800 kV UHV converter stations and relevant auxiliary projects in Rio and Xingu under the mode of EPC.
        Brazil Belo Monte Phase II is the second UHVDC power transmission line in Latin America and a key infrastructure project of Brazil. The Government of Brazil has worked long for delivering the abundant power to southeast coastal cities. After careful investigations and discussions, Brazil decided to adopt China’s superior UHV power transmission tehchnology for hydropower transmission. In July 2015, SGCC won the bid of Brazil Belo Monte Phase II together with a 30-year concession.
        On September 1, 2017, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and President Michel Temer, Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy officially granted SGCC the construction permit. China’s advanced UHV technology has offered powerful support for the global energy Internet and international capacity cooperation strategy, and set an example for international energy cooperation.
        Brazil Belo Monte Phase II is expected to drive the export of China’s high-end power equipment valuing over RMB 2.5 billion and boost the global application of China’s UHV power transmission technology, specification and standards. The project will also benefit the win-win cooperation between the two countries in competitive production capacity, the "going global" of China’s UHV power transmission technology and project management knowhows, and the international presence of SGCC. In January 2016, Brazil Belo Monte Phase I was jointly commenced by the consortium of SGCC and Eletrobras.