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China and Egypt Sign Cooperation Agreement on 500kV Transmission Project Phase II

Publication Date:2017-09-05

        In the evening of September 4 during the Ninth BRICS Summit, Shu Yinbiao, President of SGCC and Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy met in Xiamen and signed a cooperation agreement on Egypt 500kV Transmission Project Phase II. Jia Zhiqiang, GM of CET, attended the signing ceremony.


        During the meeting, Minister Shaker spoke highly of SGCC’s role in the Sino-Egypt cooperation as well as its technical strength in UHV and smart grid and experiences in grid management. According to the agreement, CET will implement the project as the EPC general contractor. The project is designed to deliver power for large power stations on the Red Sea coast in the northwest and the Mediterranean coast in the northwest of Egypt. The project includes a new 850km 500kV transmission line, two new 500kV substations and other power transmission and transformation works.
        The agreement will promote the Sino-Egypt cooperation in power infrastructure under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, accelerate the construction of power transmission and transformation works, enhance the interconnection of power grid between Egypt and its neighbors, speed up the process of power trade among countries and boost the sustainable development of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Egypt. Power infrastructures are vital to the social development of Egypt. The two sides have co-presented the Phase I power transmission project pursuant to the principle of amiable collaboration, mutual development and win-win cooperation. On this basis, they will share SGCC’s planning, construction, technical standards and best practices to suport local social and economic development.
        In January 2016, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and President el-Sisi, SGCC and MOERE singed a contract on Egypt EETC 500kV Transmission Line Project, the first one about Sino-Egypt production capacity cooperation. Commenced in January 2016, the project is so far completed for above 65% and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The project, an important practice of advancing the Belt and Road Initiative and international production capacity cooperation, will help drive the global application of China’s power transmission technology, specification and standards, and promote the win-win cooperation in competitive production capacity.
        EETC 500kV Transmission Project Phase II is a key infrastructure project of Egypt. Both Phase I and II are constructed by SGCC. After completion, the project will propel Egypt’s power network development and interconnection, enhance the overall grid structure security, stimulate local economic development and help appropriate use of power.