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SGCC Signs Transaction Documents of Matiari-Lahore DC Transmission Project with the GOP

Publication Date:2018-05-18
        On May 14 in Islamabad, witnessed by Prime Minister Abbasi of Pakistan and Ambassador Yao Jing to Pakistan, Shu Yinbiao, Chairman of SGCC signed Power Transmission Service Agreement on Matiari-Lahore ±660kV DC Transmission Project and Implementation Agreement respectively with President Zafar of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company of Pakistan and President Shah Jahan of PPIB under the Ministry of Energy of Pakistan. This marks the entry of the Project into the all-round construction stage.
        As a prioritized project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the Project is the first DC power transmission line in Pakistan and also the first in the power transmission and transformation field of Pakistan open to the foreign investment. It will adopt SGCC’s ±660kV DC power transmission technology with complete proprietary intellectual property right, which will be also the first of its kind in Pakistan. Nearly 80% of the Project will adopt Chinese technical standards, spurring the export of RMB 6.7 billion electromechanical equipment and creating 7,000 jobs for local people.  
        CET, a subsidiary of SGCC, will carry out the construction in BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) mode. The project range includes Matiari Converter Station, Lahore Converter Station and 878km ±660kV DC power transmission line. With the transmission capacity of 4,000MW and the operating period of 25 years, the Project is expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2021. Since then, the Project will transfer the power from the coal-fired power plants in the South of Pakistan to the load center of Lahore in the central Pakistan. With the annual delivery capacity of 35,000GWh, the Project will play an important role in alleviating power shortages in central Pakistan and improving the grid structure and the quality of power supply in the grid.