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Brazil Belo Monte Phase II Project has Successfully Completed All Heavy-cargo Transportation

Publication Date:2019-01-28

        On January 25, the last low-end converter transformer of Rio Converter Station of EPC Project of Brazil Belo Monte ±800kV EHV DC Transmission Phase II Converter Station (hereinafter referred to as “Belo Monte Phase II Project”) arrived at the project site, marking the completion of all domestic and overseas heavy-cargo transportation work of Belo Monte Phase II Project.




        Core equipment such as converter transformers, converter valves and electric reactors manufactured domestically were transported from Shanghai Port through Panama Canal to Belem Port, Brazil, and then transported to the project site via Brazilian inland rivers by barge. After more than two months of sea transportation, customs clearance, inland river barge transportation and inland transportation, and with a total voyage of about 21,200 kilometers, a total of 30 batches of large cargos including 538 standard containers were transported to the project site. Belo Monte Phase II Project completely adopted EHV DC equipment independently developed by China, and achieved a breakthrough in overseas market for Chinese EHV DC technology and equipment for the first time.