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《People“s Daily》:“The Transmission Project has improved our quality of life”

Publication Date:2019-01-28
  In early January, Bruce-Samanoud Section and Samanoud-Banha Section of the Egypt EETC 500kV Transmission Project successfully realized power transmission. This transmission project, which was built by Chinese companies, is the first contracted project of Sino-Egyptian capacity cooperation. It is also the largest transmission line project in Egypt with the highest voltage level and the widest coverage. After the completion of the project, it will greatly alleviate the shortage of electricity in many areas of Egypt and promote the development of upstream and downstream industries. During the peak period, it created about 7,000 jobs in Egypt, providing momentum for Egypt’s economic development.
  The project covers the most populous area of Egypt with a total length of 1,210 kilometers
  Driving north from downtown Cairo for about an hour, you can enter the famous Nile Delta region, which has bred Egypt’s long and splendid civilization. During the journey, you can see several towering “iron towers” pulling wires across the Nile River to reach the vast oasis. These “iron towers” constitute the Egypt EETC 500kV Transmission Project contracted and built by China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CET”).
  “The days of power rationing will be in the past, and the transmission project has changed our quality of life!” The local people praised these “iron towers”. To our knowledge, the project plans to build 15 independent 500kV common-tower double-circuit transmission lines, totaling 1,210 kilometers. The lines are distributed in the most densely populated Delta area and the south-central part of the Nile River. It is a supporting power transmission project for three newly built power stations in Egypt.
   In January 2016, under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the State Grid Corporation of China signed the EETC project contract with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt, which required the construction of the project by CET, affiliated to the State Grid Corporation of China, in the form of EPC. The newly built transmission lines will continuously transmit electricity from power plants to substations throughout Egypt, and the stable electricity will quickly provide a strong guarantee for Egyptian farmers’ production and daily use of electricity. It is understood that the project has also created a number of records. It is the transmission project with the highest tower height, the heaviest tower weight, the longest river-crossing distance and the shortest construction cycle among similar projects in Egypt.
  The unvisited desert has become lively with the arrival of Chinese builders
  The Egypt transmission line project was characterized by strong systematicness, great technical difficulty, short planned construction period and difficulty in erecting tower lines. Moreover, the complex field environment, severe sandstorms and hot weather also brought challenges to the construction.
  Under the blazing sunshine in summer, the temperature of the tower is as high as 60°C. “Unless the soles are thick enough, we dare not walk on the tower in ordinary shoes.” The project workers said that in order to catch up with the construction schedule, the builders of the two countries worked from dawn to night to carry out the construction. They often needed to get up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning for the construction. The unvisited desert has become lively with the arrival of Chinese builders.
  At present, the overall schedule of completion of the transmission project is about 80%, and the project will be completed in the first half of 2019. By then, 15 transmission lines will run through Egypt from north to south along the broad Nile River, improving the livelihood of residents along the line. Liu Guanghui, Manager of the Egyptian Branch of CET, said that after the completion of the project, the power delivery capacity of gas power stations in the Nile Delta region will be greatly enhanced, and the overall security of the grid structure of the Egyptian state grid will be comprehensively enhanced, which is of great significance to the economic development and the rational utilization of electric energy in Egypt.
  “They left Egypt with the project, as well as the local people with Chinese experience and know-how”
  The implementation of the Egypt EETC 500kV Transmission Project is another important achievement for China’s electric power enterprises to “go global”. According to the local media in Egypt, Chinese enterprises have obvious technological advantages and rich experience, and have trained many excellent professionals for Egypt in the process of cooperation. They hope to continue their capacity cooperation with China and look forward to learning more “Chinese experience”.
  In order to learn Chinese technology, Egyptian power transmission companies have arranged dozens of excellent engineers from various regions to get trained in China, to study the current advanced live work norms and standardized work flow of personnel in China, and to carry out demonstration and practical operation training of standardized live work. At first, the project was constructed entirely by the Chinese. Then, the Chinese taught the Egyptians to construct it. Finally, part of the process was completely handed over to the Egyptians for construction and checked by the Chinese. Through a step-by-step approach, the Chinese construction team has trained a large number of experienced managers and builders in the local area, and provided employment for Egyptians, which has been appreciated by the Egyptian government.