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CET Won Special Contribution Award on Socio-economic Development of GOL

Publication Date:2019-03-14

        On March 13, at the 2019 working conference of Electricite Du Laos (thereafter referred to EDL), Minister of Energy and Mines of Laos Dr. Khammany Inthirah granted the Special Contribution Award to China Electrical Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (thereafter referred to CET) of State Grid Corporation of China (thereafter referred to SGCC) for the outstanding contribution of 230kV Ban Ngum-Phaodom power transmission and transformation project to the local socio-economic development. CET was the unique foreign-invested enterprise that won the prize.
        In November 2014, CET and EDL signed the EPC contract on 230kVBan Ngum-Phaodom power transmission and transformation project. Its construction kicked off in January 2017 and it obtained the project transfer confirmation signed by EDL on October 1, 2018. Since its launch into operation, it has satisfactory operation performance and safe and reliable systems such as transformation and transmission, which solves the problem of power transmission of Nam Tha 1# hydropower station, greatly alleviates the local power shortage, and guarantees the stable power supply to around 300,000 people living in Bokeo and Oudômxai..
        As the key part of 230kV backbone grid structure in the northern part of Laos, the project is of great importance to the connectivity of grids in the northern, central and southern parts of the country as well as the connectivity of Laos grid with surrounding countries. It helps improve the balance and stability of power supply and represents the transition of Laos from nature-based economy to production-based economy.
        As the response to Chinese " the Belt and Road" Initiative, CET carried forward the principles of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration and mutual benefits for win-win situation, actively implemented the localized management, provided around 200 job opportunities to local people during the project construction, and trained a batch of electricity technicians and engineering workers that propelled the development of both upstream and downstream industry chain. In July 2018, the dam failure incident of hydropower plant in Attapu of southern Laos caused destruction of plenty of power facilities and equipment. CET immediately offered assistance and aid that was praised by the Government and people of Laos. In recent years, besides providing education necessities to local schools, the company also built highways, sewage discharge facilities, etc. Through fulfillment of social corporate responsibility, CET has greatly improved the local livelihood of the remote areas.
        Since the market access to Laos in 2014, CET has built quite a number of projects likeBan Ngum-Phaodom power transmission and transformation project, Vientiane ring grid, etc. and won many awards of GOL that promote the local socio-economic development and make contribution to the joint prosperity of Laos and China.