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World leading new energy research.

Publication Date:2014-08-05

    CET currently runs the largest-scaled wind power and fastest growing solar power installations. We can provide complete solutions systems and controls for wind power plant from equipment to station including wind turbine converters, top management system, pitch control system, integrated supervision and control system, long-distance integrated supervision and control system, reactive control system, boosting, supply and distribution equipment of wind power plant. The respective generating capacities of grid-connected wind power and photovoltaic power generation are 70.37 million kW and 15.46 million kW.

    CET has achieved an impressive generating capacity of 129 billion kWh for wind power, and 8.35 billion kWh for photovoltaic power including 6.21 million kVA of constructed solar energy pooling stations  with a total of 1000km line of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation. These indexes are similar to Denmark and Germany in solar energy, and superior in wind power.